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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I was going to do a post about looking back at this past year. But in looking back at this past year I found myself looking back at our entire married life. Chuck and I have led a charmed life.  Well, charmed for us, others might find it too unpredictable.

Since we first knew each other, until even now, we do about half our adventures on impulse.  One of us says “wouldn’t it be fun to…..” the other of us says “why not?,” and our course is set.
We have traveled the world many times.  Probably half of those trips were taken on a whim.   

I can remember a trip to Hong Kong we took over the July 4th holidays, several years back, because we discovered an extremely low air fare on Cathy Pacific.  It was a wonderful trip, booked 5 days before our flight, with no time for pre planning.  

Chuck is by far the most adventurous soul I know.  He has a wonderful enthusiasm for life.  I have learned over the years to be careful about what I say I would like to have or to do.   Chuck makes things happen. 

Actually our discovery of Ecuador was on one of those whims.  Our whole adventure has been pretty much on a whim.  

We have our travel schedule for 2012 filled through the first half of next year.  Before we left for Spain back in October, none of these plans were even thought of.  Come to think of it, our trip we just took to Spain was on a whim.  Chuck found an incredibly cheap cruise from Spain to Panama and booked it.  Since we had to fly to Spain to board the ship, he built a month long vacation in Spain and Morocco before we started the cruise.  

We are starting to see ourselves change…getting older.  Somehow this is creating an urgency in us to travel more while we can.  We have a few places on our bucket list that we have not yet experienced.  Whether experiencing them all is possible we do not know.  But having the goals out there is good for us because there is always something more to strive for.

The only word I can use to describe how I feel at looking back at our life is gratitude.  

So, for you my wish is that your reflections are filled with gratitude and that your tomorrows are filled with adventure. 

Have a wonderful new year and a wonderful life.



  1. And thanks to you and your adventurous spirit, we were introduced to Ecuador, and took our whim to the next level...
    Looking forward to this next year of adventures in your life and ours!

  2. Karen, We are so fortunate to have you and Randy in our lives. Thank you for being you.


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