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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spain on a Budget - Thrift Store Shopping

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I arrived back home in Cuenca last night.  We are so glad to be back home so we can enjoy our friends and sleep in our own bed........ for one week.  Yep, that's one week we leave for a six week trip to Spain.

Here is an idea I had.  I want to travel to Spain with just one medium size suitcase.  I also want to be able to shop for "stuff" while there.  I need to be able to dispose of clothes along the way so I can buy "stuff" to bring home.  Can't afford to throw away expensive new clothes and we do not have thrift stores in Cuenca, so I decided to buy my travel clothes at thrift stores while we were in the U.S.

After finishing up with our business in Richland, Chuck and I headed back across the mountains to Seattle.  Audrey, Chuck's sister, and Carolyn, our sister in law, and I spent a full weekend of heads down thrift store shopping.

Here are some of my finds.  Bear in mind when looking at these pictures that the clothes have not been washed or pressed.  They are somewhat wrinkled but will look great when I get them clean and pressed.

(PS: In the picture above the red top is Villager..not Koret)

The above outfits total $79.84.  Probably the cost of the Chico shirt and Travel Smith top if they were new.

We have been online watching the temperatures in Spain and have decided that layering will be the way to go.
Mixing and matching our wardrobe to stretch it further.

Well that is about it for the fashion show, I have to get busy washing and ironing.



  1. Nancy, found on the Travelsmith website a microfiber shirt very similar to your red one... $55.
    You did real good!

  2. Great finds!
    I used to volunteer at a thrift store and some my most favorite clothes were from there.
    Have fun in Spain!

  3. OMG - wish I could follow you around Spain and pick up the clothing that you picture - I could not get rid of some of those pieces...

    Charlotte NC


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