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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ahhhh! Barcelona, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I will be spending the next week in Barcelona.  I should say SUNNY Barcelona.  The weather here is fabulous....mid 60's in the day and mid 40's at night.  The sun is wonderful and hardly a cloud in the sky.  I checked on and the forecast calls for the same all week.

So what does one do on the first day in Barcelona?

We decided to get an overview of the city by taking a sightseeing bus.

Here is Chuck buying our tickets.

The bus is very similar to the red tour bus in Cuenca.  The only difference is the outrageous price we had to pay.

It is very difficult to take pictures from a moving I only have one or two to share.  Trees, lamp posts, and other sightseer's heads kept getting between my objective and the camera.

The architecture here in Barcelona is fun!   Many other places I could share if I could have had a clear view.

It was a little windy riding on top of the bus.  I told Chuck if he lost his Panama hat we would have to buy him a Basque hat.  Well, he made sure he didn't lose it.

This is the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral.  As you can see work is being done, but you can get an idea of the beauty.  I call it the Sandcastle church.  Excuse the tree that jumped between my camera and the church as we were riding by.

This is the Woman and Bird sculpture by Joan Miro.  I guess I can see it.  Well, maybe the bird.

I got a tickle out of this sign. It was in a cathedral.

The weather is beautiful and the outdoor cafes are plentiful.

We sat at an outdoor cafe and I ordered hot chocolate.  This is what I got.  Couldn't drink it...just spoon it down.  It was hot, rich and delicious!!  I had to order a coffee to go with it.

The plaza where we caught the tour bus was full of people enjoying the wonderful day.

Here is a man getting a pigeon to eat out of his hand.

And some kids picking out balloons.

We went to the warf for a seafood dinner tonight.  Sooooo good!

Here it is after midnight and I am posting this.  Since tomorrow is Sunday, we will sleep in and have a slow start to another wonderful day.



  1. Try the drink called Crema de Catalonya, it is a little like Baileys only better. We ate a few times at a barge at the marina. We couldn't believe how many sailboats were just sitting there, tied up and doing nothing. Being sailors it broke our hearts.
    Parc Guell was a favorite of ours, we did love everything Antoni Gaudi did. Barcelona is such a special place.
    Just strolling down Las Ramblas is fun.

    Enjoy yourselves.
    Shelagh and Peter

  2. Thanks Shelagh and Peter. Will get the drink called Crema de Catalonya.
    We are so happy that we can hang out in this great city for a whole week.

  3. Now, you are in my part of Spain. Barcelona, at the top of my list along with everywhere in Italy of places I hope someday yet to see. I envy you both. Really enjoy your week in that incredible city.

    We've had four days of warm, beautiful sunshine in Cuenca, but still get the rain. I wish you could bring that all-day sunny weather from Barcelona back with you to Cuenca. Jim Mola


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