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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Bit more Barcelona before we Leave

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I spent today driving to Valencia, Spain.  Since we stayed on the toll way, there was not much of a chance to take pictures.  We saw some vineyards, some olive trees and tons of orange trees.  We also saw glimpses of the Mediterranean and castles on the tops of mountains as we sped along.  It is a bit hot here, so we are going to go out after the sun sets. 

Todays post is still about Barcelona.  It is in two parts:  Nancy's part and Chuck's part.

Nancy's part

Two Items:

  1.  Barcelona Bull Ring Renewal
  2. 1929 International Exhibition

Bull Ring Reform:

This was a historic Barcelona bull ring. It is now a shopping center and 12 screen cinema.

The last bull fight was held in this bull ring in 1977.  Since then it had become in bad disrepair.  Instead of tearing it down, it has been transformed and given new life. It re-opened in 2010.

In the picture you will see what appears to be a saucer sitting on top of the arena.  Actually it is a large terrace with restaurants and outdoor eating.

1929 International Exhibition

From the top of the bull ring we had a grand view of where the Barcelona 1929 International Exhibition was held.

Here is a postcard from 1929:

Here is how it looks today:

Pretty close, huh?

Chuck's Part

Roger, the wine guy lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. I volunteered to fetch him a bottle of Spanish wine. He asked for some wine from Bierzo or Ribera del Duero. I was overwhelmed to find 10 lineal feet, 6 feet high of Ribera on display at the supermarket. Then I found a wine shop across the street from our apartment.

It was never open (I later learned that the shop owner's mother was ill) until the day before we left Barcelona. What a find.  Look at all the wine bottles.

Many bottles were on sale.

So I purchased a 5 Euro white wine for consumption while we are in Spain.

But, I figured that Roger deserves something special. The shop keeper did not have much good to say about the Ribera del Duero wine region. I suppose it was as if I were asking a Napa valley wine shop to recommend a good Oregon wine - that's not going to happen!

However, she did recommend a good 17 Euro bottle from Bierzo, which I will take to Roger.

It is a 2001 Reserva, and I hope it travels well.

Chuck and Nancy

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  1. Chuck Watson is now officially my hero! The wine will probably undergo a little bottle shock on the way back and we'll have to give it a week or so to settle down. We look forward to sharing it with Chuck and Nancy in front of our new chiminea on the back patio. Thanks dear friends and safe travels back home!

    Roger, The Wine Guy


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