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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Madrid ... Safe and Sound

Dear Family and Friends,

We made it to Madrid safe and sound.  We arrived yesterday a little after noon.  By the time we walked through the airport to baggage claim (no small feat), got our bags, rode the metro and checked into our hotel it was about 4:00pm.

Here is our view from our hotel of the traffic circle below.

Not too much action last night...just decompressing from the long flight.

This morning, however, after a wonderful nights sleep, we were ready to step out.  We went to the Museo Riena Sofia.

My camera was not confiscated when we entered the gallery, but there were warnings saying that in some situations photos without flash were permitted.  For other exhibits all photos were strictly forbidden.

Here is what I can share....

Below is not a picture, but a real chair, hatstand.  The composition was the exhibit.

Interesting.....any guesses for a title?

Below is a famous Salvador Dali painting.  It is for you, my dear friend, Brenda....

After about three hours in the museum, we enjoyed the art outside of the museum, on the streets of Madrid.

Below are a couple of Smurffy kind of dudes.  I think they are counting up their money to see if they can split this gig and go home.

These guys left their bagpipes home.  I love the look on the face of the guy to the right of them. 

Street entertainers...... They were playing Dixieland Jazz.

Enough for today.


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  1. So glad you made it ok, and are already up and att 'em! Looking forward tom more pics!


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