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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Drive from Bilbao to Gijon, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

Today, Chuck an I drove from Bilbao to Gijon.  The route was along the coast of Spain. We did the whole trip on the freeway because we got a later start this morning than we intended.

We checked out of our hotel in Bilbao this morning and went down to the parking garage to retrieve our car.  As we were driving out of the parking garage we heard an awful noise.  We could not figure out where the noise was coming from so Chuck pulled into a nearby parking slot to check the tires.  He noticed some pink fluid on the pavement. Our guess was that we were leaking power steering fluid.

Not to worry, this leased car is insured.  So we went to the Pouget dealer about a block from our hotel to get the car repaired.  When the service man drove it, he said nothing was wrong.  We ask him about the sound the car makes when turning the wheel.  He said, "Well, that is because the car is new which means the tires are new and when you turn the wheels on the smooth floor they squeak." 

We had two emotions at the same time.  Gratitude that we could go on our way without worry and a little embarrassment that we didn't realize this ourselves.

At any rate, we got a later start than we anticipated so decided to forgo going through the little coastal towns and stay on the freeway.

We did stop to see the ocean and here is a picture.

As you can see from the picture, I had thousands to choose from, but I chose this smooth water worn rock to bring back to Cuenca.

I am going to put it in the Tomebamba river in Cuenca.  I think it is cool that this rock will have traveled over 5,000 miles from Europe to find a new home in South America.

Gijon is a fairly large coastal city with a population of about 300,000.

Here is a picture of their beach.

and the marina.

Tomorrow, we hope to get an earlier start for our trip to Santiago de Compostela.  We are going to spend a couple of days there.  

When we leave the parking garage in the morning we will ignore the squeaking noise and head on out.


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