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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Driving the Wine Country in Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

On our way from Burgos to Zaragoza we stayed in Logrono.  Just before we arrived, we drove through the Rioja wine country.  The terrain reminded us of the terrain around Tri-Cities, Washington.  This is where we lived before we moved to Ecuador.

These pictures describe the beautiful country much better than  I can.

We even stopped and toured a fabulous wine museum.

Here is Chuck checking out a wine press from the late 1700's.

We are having a great trip.



  1. Fabulous. Will definitely put this on our list.

  2. Did you get to do any wine tasting?
    That is one thing I really do miss about the Tri-Cities!

  3. Karen, We could have, but since we still had a way to drive we decided not too. We have been buying and drinking regional wine this whole trip though.


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