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Thursday, March 8, 2012

French Country Back Roads

Dear Family and Friends,

First, I have to tell you that I do not have pictures of the candlelight procession.  I took a couple of pictures but they were so blurry they were not worthy of being posted.

Today we spent the day driving the back roads of southern France.  We left Lourdes, France this morning for Pamplona, Spain.

Chuck, being his usual self, did not want to drive the four lane roads, but wanted to go back into Spain on the back roads. Since we have a GPS in the car, it was not a difficult thing to do.  The scenery was far greater than from the main highways.

I will share some of the pictures I took on this trip.  We saw things we would never have seen from the super highway.

We started our journey with Chuck taking a back road out of Lourdes.

This road joined another, better road and away we went.

The wonderful thing about taking back roads is that you go through every small village.

Notice how the houses and other buildings are built right at the street.

This little village had maybe 5 houses.  The road makes a right turn where the tractor is turning.  Yes, we followed a few farm vehicles.

The scenery was great.

Even spectacular as we got started over the Pyrenees mountains.

The road was real windy, especially in the mountains.  I took this picture of the GPS.  The road is in blue.

We stopped along the way and enjoyed poking our heads into shops of some of the villages we passed through.

It way a wonderful laid back scarry roads and lots of wonderful sights to see.

Tonight we are staying in Pamplona.  This is the town in Spain that has the "running of the bulls" through town.

We will check it out tomorrow.


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