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Monday, March 26, 2012

La Pedrera - Barcelona, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

We enjoyed the Park Guell so much yesterday that we decided we would look at another very famous building designed by Gaudi.

One of the pictures I posted from our tour bus ride.......remember???

This building was designed as a large apartment complex and is named "La Pedrera"  It took from 1906 until 1912 to build the building.

Chuck and I walked from our apartment to the site.  It only took us about 15 or 20 minutes....because we live near the center of town.

It is hard to photograph something so big as a whole building...but I tried.

This first picture is from inside the building, looking at the front door.

Once inside you are in a large courtyard.  Here is a picture looking up to the sky.

Here is a picture of Chuck looking up.

We were able to see an apartment that was furnished in period furniture.  I will share pictures of it later.

We took an elevator to the roof top.  This is the area of the building that is such a wonderment.  The roof circles around the courtyard.

The chimneys and ventilation ducts look like disturbing anthropomorphic figures.

We were able to go into the attic, which housed a museum of Gaudi's works.

And, like I said, there was an apartment that we saw.  I will try and put pictures up of the apartment tomorrow morning....right now it is after midnight and I am very tired.

One more picture.  As we were walking in the city, Chuck said look at that.  Here is the famous building, Torre Mapfire in the distance.  It was cool how it was centered at the end of this avenue.

I am going to get some shut-eye.

I will post pictures of the apartment in La Pedrera tomorrow morning.



  1. When Steve saw your photos of Gaudi's designs he said the style reminded him of James Hubbell's Hobbit House. Wonder where he got the idea? Now get some sleep. Mary

  2. Steve,

    I thought the same thing. This guy was either a genius or looney tunes. Either one, it is so much fun looking at his buildings.



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