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Friday, April 13, 2012

Videos of the Semana Santa Procession in Cuenca, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

I have downloaded a few videos I took in Cuenca, Spain of a Semana Santa procession.  I didn't want to say I would share them with you until I knew for sure that I could put them in the blog.

If you watch them, you will get a since of the sounds and solemn atmosphere of these processions. This was an evening parade and started at 8:00pm.  It is in the old part of the city with steep cobblestone streets.

Here are YouTube links if you can't get my downloads to work.

By the way, Chuck helped me climb a fence so I could video these over other heads.

We are back home in Cuenca, Ecuador now and so glad to be here.



  1. Just FYI: I'm getting a "This video is not available message" on all 3.

  2. Sharon, Thank you for the feedback. I put these videos on YouTube and added the links to the post. Hopefully this will give everyone a link to be able to see them. I do not have good luck with uploading videos directly to this blog.

    Let me know if the links work for you. If they do, I will take the videos down and just leave the links.

    Again, thanks for your helpful feedback.


  3. I've had better luck with embedding if you use "long link" it's under options when you click on embed. Mary

  4. Mary, Thanks for the help. I am publishing your comment for others who may want to add video to their blog.


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