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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Royal Palace in Madrid

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning Chuck and I took the metro to town.  We are staying out near the airport so we usually have to change two or three times to get to our destination.  Our destination today was the Royal Palace.

We approached the palace from the back side so we saw the gardens first.  This is just a small corner of the gardens but you get the idea.

After we climbed the steps out of the garden, we saw this dome in the horizon.  It is a dome on a church and it not related to the palace.  I am just including it because I thought it looked so cool.

This is the entrance to the palace.  Not our (tourists) entrance....the real entrance for the King.

Our entrance was in the back.

We were fortunate when we arrived as there were no long lines of tourists.  We were able to purchase our tickets and walk right in.  By the way, they advertised a senior citizen price but refused to let us have it because it only applies to EU citizens.

Here is Chuck standing in the huge courtyard.  The backdoor of the palace is in the background.

Chuck volunteered as a palace guard, but they refused his offer because he didn't have a Basque hat.

We entered the palace and as we were making our way up the stairs I took this picture.  As soon as I took it (without flash) a security guard came to me and said NO PICTURES.  So my friends, this is all I can show you of the palace.

It was quite fabulous inside.  Way more ornate than when we toured the White House.

We are now back at our hotel, getting ready to pack our bags.  We fly back to Ecuador tomorrow.


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