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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Country's Barbecue

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I are now in Columbus, Georgia where I was born and raised.  We are having a grand time with our family.

Tonight we went out to eat barbecue at Country's Barbecue with our brother-in-laws family.  Whenever I come to Columbus I love to spend time with these loving folks.

Here is Chuck and I sitting in the big Country's rocking chair.  

This is Mary Anne, my little sister.

This is my beautiful Aunt Opal

My sister's baked sweet potato.

Sitting around the table.

Sweet little cowboy Bryce

Our brother-in-law, Larry, and Bryce looking in the window.

Another  picture of Chuck and I.

So far, so good.



  1. Hi Guys! Just looking at the BBQ restaurant made me want some. What a great trip. Eat some BBQ for Kathy and I.

  2. Nancy i had written you awhile back stating we are planning a trip to Ecuador as a possible retirement place. We too are from Columbus and i know you are busy with your family but we would love a chance to chat with you if you had a few mintues while you were in Columbus. We are in the process of getting our house pulled together to sell. If you can't meet we would unstand completely but if you can here is my email Hope you enjoy your stay in Columbus. I love following all your adventures.


  3. Mick, Don't worry, we ate enough for us, you and Kathy. It was good!! Wish we could share some with you.


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