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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cruising Alaska with Matt, Kylie, Bryce and Mickey!

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday morning we stepped off the Disney Wonder.  We spent all last week cruising from Seattle to Alaska and back. Our cruise was fabulous. Here are some pictures to share our fun with you.

We saw beautiful scenery.

Our ship in Juneau.

We saw three black bears grazing along the side of the road.  Here is one of them.

We had a grand time....making family memories.....

Here we all are enjoying lunch outside of Skagway.

Kylie and Bryce holding spoons on their noses.....yes, talent runs in our family!

Chuck and the gang getting ready for another off ship adventure.

Matt and Bryce with a friendly bear.

A good time was had by everyone aboard the ship.

Here is Bryce dressed up for Pirate Night.

Matt turned into Goofy by the waiter with dinner napkins.

Bryce with Mickey.

Everyone of us had a terrific time.  It was a great way to vacation with family.

Tomorrow, Chuck and I are going to board the Amtrak in Seattle  We are headed to Minnesota to hug our kids and grand kids who live there. 

We are in grandparent heaven!


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  1. Looks like you did have fun! Need more smiling pictures of YOU though! I will see you next in the Quito Airport.. Hugs all around.


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