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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tooling Around Ecuador

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a very long time since I last posted.  I went to the U.S. for a couple of weeks.  I went to visit and help out our son, Matt.  We had a great time together.  Here he is in his new glasses.

When I returned to Ecuador, Chuck drove up to meet me in Quito.  

We spent a couple of days checking out a couple of suburbs of Quito, Cumbaya and Tumbaco.  They are located in one of the nearby valleys and are lower than the city of Quito.  We had heard that they were quite upscale and a popular place for some expats.

We stayed in the hostel, Ventana Bed and Breakfast, in Tumbaco. 

It was located in a lovely setting with fantastic views.

We had a large, comfortable suite.

We went to the central plaza in Cumbaya and enjoyed watching the opening of the Olympic games in St. Andrew's, a Scottish Pub while enjoying our 2 for 1 happy hour drinks.  St Andrew's is located on the main square of Cumbaya.

Later we enjoyed a wonderful Sushi dinner at NOE restaurant.  It is also located right on the plaza.  As we ate dinner on their patio, we listened to a jazz group playing easy jazz in the park.

This is the main plaza of Cumbaya in the daylight.

We got a kick out of this building.  It is located on the corner across from the plaza.  Since there is a cross on top, it looks religious.  Across the top it says:  House of Brother Sun and Sister Moon.

On the way back to Cuenca, we stopped in Guano, a small town right outside of Riobamba.

We went to look at the wonderful hand tied wool rugs they make there.  We bought three rugs for our bedroom.  Here is one of them. Take a look!

We stayed at Casa Real, a hotel near Riobamba.

Here is Chuck enjoying the beautiful atrium.  Wi-fi throughout.

We highly recommend this hotel.

Other than the trip home from Quito, our lives have been pretty normal.

Here is a picture of our favorite Sunday morning walking buddies, Rich and Nancy, at San Sabas restaurant.

Glad to be back home.



  1. How is the real estate market over there?

  2. i am a new follower of your blog. This is a great post as it allows us to travel with you. Thank You :)

    1. Thanks for following us and thank you for traveing with us.

  3. Th real estate market in Cuenca is flourishing.

  4. Nice rug! Can't wait to see it and the others in person.

  5. This looks like a fantastic trip! And your photos seem to have really captured the atmosphere.

  6. Lovely pictures of you and your husband with beautiful scenes of Ecuador my home country,,

    1. Artist, I agree, your home country of Ecuador is beautiful!

    2. Hi Nancy, thanks for replying, I am thinking of going back home to visit Cuenca the city where I come from and show my children for the first time,, hugs

    3. Artist, Ahhhh, how sweet. When you come back to Cuenca, send me an email so we can have the opportunity to meet you dear friend.

  7. I will do it, I'm so happy to hear that Cuenca is your new home too,, I haven't visited my city since 2008, and can not wait to go back and have the opportunity to meet you as well, take care!!

  8. Hi Nancy,
    Quick question... My dad is considering moving back to Cuenca for retirement how does it work collecting social security? Hope all is we'll with you!!!

  9. Artist, He can have his social security sent to one of a couple of banks here. I am not sure which banks because we have ours sent to a U.S. bank. We know that some expats have their social security sent to a bank here. Possible Bank of Guayaquil.


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