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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Puff-Puff Deflates

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I drove in Puff-Puff to meet Rich and Nancy for our Sunday morning walk and breakfast.  When we arrived, a guard came up to our car and pointed to our right front tire.  Oh no!  The tire was extremely low....well I guess the correct word is flat.

Chuck eased the car up a few feet to a safe place to park.  We decided to have our walk, eat breakfast and deal with Puff-Puff later.

We walked to a new (to Chuck and me) restaurant for breakfast.  The restaurant is called Colon Bar Restaurant Internacional.  Nancy and Rich, having eaten there a couple of times, recommended the breakfast there.

The breakfast was a very good...U.S. style breakfast.  The coffee was fabulous!  That is always important for breakfast....really good coffee.  The service was fast and efficient.  We checked out their lunch and dinner menu and are anxious to return.

After breakfast, the four of us took a taxi back to deal with Puff-Puff.

Chuck got the spare out of the back of Puff-Puff.  There was a spare tire, lug wrench, and jack with accessories.

Unfortunately, the handle for the jack was missing. 

Time to improvise.

We all gave Rich our support, but even with a fine (garden sheers) improvised jack handle, the car would not lift.

Finally, the guard had seen enough.  He went and borrowed a better jack with a good handle.
He also took over the operation.

He had to take off his belt with holster, so I was left holding the gun.

There is more to this drama, but Nancy and I went upstairs and left the men to finish up the job. We heard, that before it was all said and done, there were tourists, including an Aussie involved.

Here is Puff-Puff with the spare tire....all's well that ends well.

Guess who took a nap this afternoon?



  1. Update #1 Tire Repair

    $2.90 Repair small puncture
    $3.35 Balance tire
    $0.75 Tax

    $7.00 Total

  2. Update #2 Be Prepared

    $11.88 Scissors Jack
    $13.08 Compressor for re-inflation
    $ 3.00 Tax

    $27.96 Total


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