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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Time to Pack Our Bags Again

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck has been planning and scheduling over six months for us to go to New Zealand and Tahiti.  This is new territory for us as we have never been to either.  Before we return to Cuenca we will be visiting family and friends in the U.S.

Larry and Karen Shunk, local expats, have been kind enough to share photos and trip ideas with us.  They have been to New Zealand many times.  Looking at their pictures just made us more excited about this trip.

Here is an overview of our schedule:

Trip to New Zealand for several weeks.

Tahiti - We will be passengers on a cargo freighter.  This boat supplies the Marquesas islands.

U.S. - We will visit family and friends. We will return for a couple of weeks to Cuenca with our grandson, Joshua.

U.S. - Then we are off to the U.S. again.  This time we will share a vacation with our son, Matt.  This year he has chosen to do a train adventure across Canada.

We will be returning to Cuenca toward the end of May.

As you can imagine, the logistics for this trip are enormous but Chuck has done a wonderful job of scheduling airlines, hotels, rental cars, the freighter and the Canadian train trip.

We welcome you to join us in this adventure.  I will post pictures as often as possible.

We are leaving Wednesday morning.  Our bags are not packed, but we have our staging areas.

I am staging in the spare bedroom.

Chuck is staging on the patio.

We are really looking forward to this trip but at the same time we are going to miss our friends right here at home.

Oh, one other thing....if you are not aware, there is a Cuenca Daily News that you can subscribe to that comes directly to your email each morning.  It is just getting off the ground but I have hopes that it will grow and grow into another good network for expats. If you are interested here is the link

It is time to load the suitcase....better get busy.


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  1. Have a great trip. Hope to see you when you return. Mary & Steve


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