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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Antique Plane Fly-In

Dear Family and Friends,

We worked our way down to one of the southern most cities in New Zealand, Invercargill.

We saw there was an air show with antique airplanes in a near by town, Mandeville.  On Sunday we decided to do what the locals were doing tourist things.

This is one reason we love renting a car.  We can get off the beaten path.

They had bi-planes and I was touched by this 92 year old woman who was going to take a ride.  I asked someone if it was her first flight.  They said "Oh no, she used to be a pilot."

There was a photographer recording the event.  I am sure she was featured in the local news.

Here she is waiting for the pilot to put on her aviator cap.

Here she is in the airplane.

And off she goes.

They had many other old things besides airplanes.  Here is a motorcycle.  I especially made this picture for Randy Kimbler.

Steam tractors.  They really worked, you could ride on one if you wanted.

 At first I thought this was a VW camper, but it is a Ford van that has been converted into a camper.

 They had several antique cars.

 And of course, this event attracted many antique people.

There were young folks and airplanes too.

This is a new recreational airplane that is being made at this airfield.  Production is just getting geared up.

Speaking of attracting the old folks, Chuck decided to "have a go", as they say in New Zealand, in a 1932 Tiger Moth airplane.

Here he is getting instructions on how to be a passenger.  "Don't move any handles."

Ready for take off.


 Here are some pictures of New Zealand Chuck took from the air. 

Flight completed.  Chuck and the pilot.

It was a fun day with all the locals.


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