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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Traveling...half the fun is getting there

Dear Family and Friends,

First of all, please do not get the Foto Fridays mixed up with our trip to New Zealand. I have two things going on here.  The Foto Fridays are just some photos I want to share with you this year. 

Today is Saturday...we have been on our journey three days now.

We left Cuenca on Wednesday morning.  We flew to Quito and on to Panama City, Panama.  We stayed there overnight and on Thursday we flew to Las Vegas.  Why???  Well just to break up the trip and make it a little more fun.

Tonight we a flying to Los Angeles and tomorrow we fly to Tahiti.  We spend a couple of nights in Tahiti, again to break up the travel a bit.  Then we fly on to Auckland, New Zealand.  We will arrive in Auckland about a week after we began this trip.

A few  pictures to share with you.

We flew right over Hoover Dam on our way into Las Vegas.  I was able to get a great shot from the airplane.

We stayed downtown in Freemont Street area. We like it because it is much easier to walk from casino to casino in this smaller environment.

Not surprisingly Freemont Street tourist area is expanding.  Now there is Freemont East. 

Here is the Freemont Street Experience....the lighted covered area.

Here is the Heart Attack Grill.  They make no bones about it, they serve fatty food and are proud of their extra high butter fat milk shakes.  If you weigh over 350 can eat free.

More later as I find wifi along the way.



  1. I love the "dam" view. It's been a few years since I took the elevator to the generator room at the bottom.

  2. Margaret, We have driven over the dam, but we have never taken the elevator to the generators.

  3. I have flown three times from the South to Las Vegas and not once seen the dam. Great photo. Hope you have a fabulous journey.


    (PS - For some reason I am unable to comment with my Wordpress info.)

  4. Lynda,

    We were flying COPA from Panama. I was sitting on the right side of the plane.



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