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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another island....Nuku Hiva

Dear Family and Friends,

At our next stop, Chuck decided to take a little hike up to the cross.  I gave him the camera and told him that I would decline, as it was very, very hot and as you can see it was quite a hike up the side of the hill.

On the way back down he stopped for a brew and took this artsy picture of the boat.

Later we met up for lunch and were entertained by the locals.

This little girl is just learning to dance right by her mother's side.

The out croppings on the island were beautiful.  

Especially so in the light of the setting sun.

Once again, we enjoyed a beautiful French Polynesian sunset.



  1. Audrey, It is a stunning part of the world, it is also very HOT! At least it was while we were there.


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