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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Goodbye NZ....Hello Tahiti

Dear Family and Friends,

As much as we hate to be leaving New Zealand. we are very excited about the next leg of our adventure. 

We are flying to Tahiti to board a cargo ship.  This cargo ship has room for 200 passengers.

Here is a link to the boat for more info.

We will be having a unique experience visiting the Marquesas islands while the boat is loading and unloading.

Through the wonders of the internet I have been able to schedule our posts to be posted in the future.  As you are reading this post we are actually finished with our cruise and will be in the USA shortly.  Now for the I am typing this post we are still in New Zealand.

The reason I have done this is because I do not think we will have internet for the next three weeks.  This way, you can be reading about our adventures in New Zealand and when we get to the U.S. I will post about our adventures on the cruise.

For you, that is only a day or two away.  I will start posting about our adventure on the seas sometime in the first week of April.



  1. A very interesting way to travel, I have been wondering about this for years! I look forward to your experiences.

    Tanks for sharing.

  2. I know this post made it sound like we are doing time travel. LOL

    In real time we are leaving Tahiti tonight for L.A.



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