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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keeping the Passengers Entertained

Dear Family and Friends,

The passenger side of the ship stayed just as busy as the cargo side of the ship.  Every day we had something we could do, we even had choices of things we could do.  Below, as you can see,  we were taken to what WAS a secluded and deserted beach.  After we arrived it was definitely not deserted anymore.

A few people chose to go deep sea fishing.

On one island Chuck went for a walk and saw some interesting stone work.

 The one below looks like a mother cuddling a very ugly baby.

While we were being entertained, there was a lot of work being done by the cargo crew.

 Every night a new sunset attraction.

 We were happy campers...


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  1. You guys find the coolest ways to travel.. but glad you are back home..we missed you.


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