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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marquesas Islands at last

Dear Family and Friends,

This is the first cruise we have ever had all the shore excursions included as part of the cruise.  When we arrived at the first island there were about 40 4X4's waiting to take us on an adventure trip of the island.  This is the most populated of the Marquesas islands with a population of approximately 2,000 for the whole island.

Here's the man!

We toured to the top of the island and had wonderful views of the bay.

A couple we all know and love.

Ancient sacred grounds....

Entertainment under the sacred Banyan tree.

Our English speaking tour guide.  We were divided up into three language groups, French, German and English.  Our group was the smallest which worked well for us....only about 30 people.

500 year old carved tiki.

Massive stone outcropping.

While we were being entertained, the cargo portion of the trip was delivering and receiving cargo.

Here is a tender boat coming to shore to start taking us back aboard.

Other than cargo, the boat also collected passengers along the way.

That evening we were treated to another incredible sunset.


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