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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rangiroa located in the Tuamotus Islands

Dear Family and Friends,

We said goodbye to the Marquesas Islands and started our return journey.

We stopped at the island of Rangiroa.  This is a beautiful place as you can see.

The water  is beautiful.  This is a place that people come to to go skin diving.

Here is a resort that has rooms built out over the water.  Chuck and I enjoyed a cocktail in their bar.

Here are a couple of guys heading out to go skin diving.

These two beautiful ladies served us our drinks in the bar.

This island has an airport, so you can come by plane.  Or, if you have a nice yacht, you can come by boat.

Or, if you are like us, you come on the cargo ship.

We had a nice visit on this island.

And, that evening we were treated to another glorious sunset.

Our last island was the best treat of all.

I will tell you about it next time.



  1. Beautiful photos you guys!
    Ken & Susan March

  2. Thanks Ken & Susan. It would not have been possible without the beautiful scenery. Thanks also for taking the time to tell us.


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