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Monday, May 13, 2013

Across Canada Train Scenery

Dear Family and Friends,

By far the best scenery of the train trip was when we went through the Canadian Rockies. We left Vancouver about 10:00pm which meant we could not see the countryside until we woke up the next morning.

Here are some photos before we reached the Rockies.

Matt made these next two photos and was generous enough to let me share them in this post.

Once we got into the Rockies the scenery was awesome.  Pictures cannot do it justice.

Beautiful Pyramid Falls

Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

This lake still had quite a bit of ice on it, but it had melted enough to start reflecting the snow covered mountains behind them.

Love this shot of the Canadian Flag flying proudly in front of the snow covered mountains.

A colorful totem pole in Jasper.

The remainder of the trip was a lot less dramatic as the landscape flattened out and became colder and browner.

Here is Matt and Chuck outside the train station in Winnipeg.  Can you tell how cold it was starting to be?

We arrived in Toronto about 10am on Saturday morning.

Next time I will share some pictures from our Toronto visit.



  1. Karen, We really enjoyed the train experience. The scenery was a big draw!


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