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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Granville Island Market

Dear Family and Friends,

Granville island, located in Vancouver, was once an industrial area.  Now it is the home to artisans and the public market.  We visited this "must see" tourist attraction today.

We enjoyed looking in all the stores and shops.  

 But the best part was touring the public market.

 There was fresh fruit and produce.

Beautifully marbled meats...but at a cost.  Notice the prices.

Desserts for take away.

And gorgeous cut flowers.

After touring Granville Island we got back on the bus.  We got off at Gas Town, home of the famous steam clock.

Here is Matt and Chuck checking out the steam clock.

And here they are clowning around with a "local."

And, since Matt figured the hat he bought in Chinatown might not fit in in Toronto, he bought another hat for the rest of the trip.  He is modeling it here.

Yep, we love Vancouver!

More to come later.



  1. Nice to see you are enjoying our home town!

  2. Peter, Vancouver is a terrific city. We enjoyed it VERY much.


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