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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Toronto Canada

Dear Family and Friends,

We spent a few days in Toronto before heading flying back home.  This included a trip to Niagara Falls.

First, I will share a few pictures from Toronto.

Here is a bronze statue outside the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Tim Hortons is a wonderful pastry and coffee house.  They are located all over Canada.  If you make a visit to Canada and do not see one, you had your eyes closed.

Probably the oldest department store in the western hemisphere.  The Hudson Bay Company has been around since 1670.  Today the department store is known as "The Bay."  While in Toronto we heard that the company has been purchased by Target.

Here is Matt hugging up to a Canadian Moose.

 A trip to Toronto must include a trip to the top of the CN Tower.

 View of Lake Ontario from the top.

 View of the city of Toronto from the top.

These folks are standing and laying on a glass floor at the top of the tower.  Chuck and Matt did it, but not me!!

Saturday I will share about our trip to Niagara Falls.


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