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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I had a nice flight to Copenhagen.  On Wednesday we flew KLM to Amsterdam and then to Copenhagen.  We flew overnight and arrived in Copenhagen about 5:30pm on Thursday.  After a stroll around our hotel and a nice dinner we were tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

Since Chuck and I started juicing vegetables my energy level has soared.  We spent today walking all over Copenhagen.  Therefore, I have many pictures to share.

This first picture is of a young lady offering candy outside a store.  I called her a Danish Chola girl.

Like many cities in Europe, Copenhagen has it's distinctive style.

Narrow streets and a lot of outdoor seating for coffee, tea or Carlsberg (beer).

Copenhagen has coffee, tea, beer and a sense of humor.  This is sign that was outside one establishment.

We loved the architecture.

Here is  Chuck enjoying a view of iconic Copenhagen.

And here is Chuck taking a break and enjoying a beer.

Looking through the fountain and through the Amalienborg Palace courtyard to the marble church.

A couple of guards at the palace.

Here is another picture of the marble church.

Copenhagen has many beautiful parks.

Here is another Copenhagen icon.....the mermaid.

This last picture is of a statue Hans Christian Andersen looking toward Tivoli gardens.

Saturday we take a train to Lubeck, Germany.

Sunday we board the cruise ship.

We are exhausted from a day of walking and are now headed out for a nice dinner and then bed.


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