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Friday, August 16, 2013

FOTO FRIDAY - 8/16/13

Dear Family and Friends,

Today a little bit about the giant panda.

On our first trip to China we went to Chengdu Panda Research Center, located in Sichuan.  We saw the work they were doing to preserve one of China's most endangered spices, the giant panda.

We were able to visit the nursery and see baby pandas in incubators.

When they are first born they are all pink.  The black coloring comes later.

It is not unusual for a giant panda to give birth to twins.  In the wild, likely because the mother does not have milk for two, only the most fit panda survives.  At this research center both babies survive because they switch the pandas between the incubator and the mother panda.  Both babies are able to bond with mama.  The siblings are fed by hand with a bottle and are kept warm in an incubator when they are not sharing time with mom.

After they are old enough they are transferred out of doors to enjoy life with other pandas.

If you are interested in this research you can go to the center's website:

While we were there we saw these little guys.  They were called red pandas.

Actually they are not pandas at all but look like they could be related to racoons.  They are also endangered.  You can learn more about them at this website:


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