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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Staying Healthy with Green Juice

Dear Family and Friends,

After I had surgery a few weeks ago I had some down time. While recuperating I found a documentary on Netflix that really had a huge impact on me. The documentary that I am speaking of is called Food Matters. The information in the movie was nothing new to me, I think just having it presented and tied together in the film really turned a light on in my brain. I shared this documentary with Chuck and he too was impacted by it. We were so impressed that we have sought out more documentaries about health related subjects.

The next documentary we watched was Hungry for Change.  In this documentary we were introduced to juicing vegetables to concentrate our intake of good nourishment.

The third documentary we watched was Fat Sick and Almost Dead.

It was after viewing this documentary that we went out and purchased a juicer.  Chuck and I walked over to the market and purchased the darkest greenest leafy vegetables we could find.  We also bought carrots, yellow squash, tomatoes and other veggies to make our first juice.  We have both pledged to ourselves that we will drink one glass of healthy juice a day.  It has been a month now and we have kept to our pledge.

We both take additional fiber because of the fiber we do not receive by juicing.  Our typical day starts with breakfast...for Chuck that is a fruit smoothy with added fiber.  For me it is oatmeal or a scrambled egg.  We are both staying away from potatoes, rice, bread and other items high in carbohydrates.  We have a smart lunch and have our juice about 4pm or 5pm.  We have found that we are not hungry for supper. 

I do not use a particular recipe when juicing. I have learned that if I add an apple or pear and always a lemon the drink will taste better.  I will not lie to you, sometimes I have to sip on it because I do not like my creation, but other times it is quite good.  At any rate I drink it for my health.

Here are some veggies that are drying after being soaked.

The bottom line is that we as humans have been given this food to eat and we have evolved as a species being nourished by it.  What I have learned from the documentaries is that if we only eat processed food and high calorie fried food we are going against nature and it will shorten our lives and take away from our quality of life.

Here I am 66 years old and I am just getting this message imprinted into my brain.  I am thankful that I have finally gotten the message.  I feel it is never too late to start nourishing my body.  I have learned that with the right kind of food our body can heal itself.  Blood pressure can go down, sugar levels lowered, and cholesterol lowered.

When our motorcycle friends were staying with us last week, they decided to juice themselves.  What a pleasure to have a juice fest with our guests.

Here is Erin juicing for her and Zach.

Here is a nice healthy glass of juice. 

A healthy snack of colorful cauliflower add an onion dip and it is great.

We are so lucky to be living here in Cuenca where wonderful locally grown vegetables and fruits are available at a reasonable price all year long.

If you cannot find these documentaries on Netflix and are interested in how to see the videos that made such a big impact on us, I know that they are available through Amazon on DVD.  I know this because I ordered a copy for my brother, sister and all five of our children.

Wishing all a good healthy life!



  1. Hmmm, looks interesting, what about adding vodka?!
    Just kidding...

    Good health to you!

    1. Thanks Peter. I think I would rather consume my vodka in another mix.

      As it is, sometimes I have to plug and chug. I would hate to ruin my desire for vodka.


  2. Hi Nancy, what wonderful pictures! So glad you are enjoying all those foods rich in fiber. It's definitely one of the best strategies for enjoying whole foods and achieving a healthy weight.


    1. Thanks Susan. You are an inspiration!!

  3. Thanks for sharing.
    It must be delicious and nutritious...


  4. It is most definitely nutritious. Sometimes, when I mix the right combination of ingredients, it is very delicious.


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