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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Annot.....why not???? Annot, France

Dear Family and Friends,

While in Nice, Chuck and I took a day trip on the train, Chemins de Fer de Provence.  This train runs into the mountains behind Nice to some small quaint towns.

 Here is a picture of our train.

We got off the train at the town of Annot which is about two hours from Nice.  This is the view of the town from the train station.

We walked into town.  The weather was fabulous. 

When we got into town we discovered their outdoor market.  Here is a cheese vendor.  The cheese looked sooooo good. We didn't buy any because we have no way to keep it until we return to Cuenca.

The city is small and has a special charm.  

The town folks were out greeting each other and shopping at the market.

We had coffee outside at this cafe and just soaked up the ambiance.

As we sat drinking our coffee, Chuck said "We gotta come back here."  I reminded him that he had said the same thing about three other places we visited.  He said only for a week, not a month.  He picked out the hotel we could stay in.  It is just a little 15 room hotel.  I told him I would photograph it so he could remember the name.  So here it is Chuck.  When do we come back? 

Here is the small train station.  

Love the old water tower for back in the days of steam trains.  Actually, I think one still runs here on Sundays.

We only spent a couple of hours in Annot because we had one other place to visit before returning to Nice.  I will tell you about that town later.

Here is Chuck waiting for the train.



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