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Monday, September 16, 2013

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Dear Family and Friends,

At this post we only had the morning to explore.  Our ship were due back on the ship by noon.  That turned out fine because the town was small and could be easily seen in a few hours.

When we got off the ship we were greeted by local musicians playing instruments typical of the area. The sound was quite unique and we found it very interesting.

When we got into town we noticed a whole block of ladies selling"stuff" to passersby.  It was sort of like a flea market...but not exactly.

We found a sign that welcomed us to come to a blacksmith demonstration.  So Chuck and I headed out to find it.  We were the only ones was very interesting.

Chuck even got to try his hand.

After finishing up at the blacksmith shop and museum, we wandered over to main plaza known as Theater Square.


The vendors were out in full force.  Here is Chuck purchasing a bell shaped like a cow.  I guess you could say bought a "cow bell."

Had a great morning and then back to the ship.

Off to Poland next.


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