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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vigo, Spain

Dear Family and Friends,

Our next stop was in northern Spain.  We stopped at the port city of Vigo.  Many passengers were taking the excursion to Santigo de Compostela.  Since we had just been there last year, (you can read about it here) we elected to just enjoy Vigo instead.

Here is a picture of our ship parked behind the marine terminal.  I took this picture as we were having morning coffee and checking our email before heading out to see the city.

Vigo is a another pretty European city.  Again, we loved seeing the buildings in the old part of the city.

 A high rise of condos. 

Like many cities in Europe they have little bars in secluded areas.   Always just around the corner and just when you need them.

As in all other cities there are lots of tourist shops.  Here is a cute basket store, maybe this shop is for the local people because I don't know how a tourist could get a basket home on the airplane.

We enjoyed walking the city and having a delicious seafood lunch....out of doors of course.

Tomorrow we see Lisbon, Portugal.


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