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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girona, Spain - getting back to our work

Dear Family and Friends,

After an aimless, do nothing day in Girona, Spain, we got out the guide book and went back to working touring.

We headed out early for our trek up to the cathedral.  We wanted to get there by slowly climbing up to the gardens, viewing the ramparts and approaching the cathedral from the rear.

The old stone walls added to the beauty of this lovely garden.  It reminded me of the pictures we saw in Sunday School of biblical gardens.

We approached the cathedral from the rear.  In the next picture you will see why we chose to ascend slowly through the streets.

Yep, this is how you approach it if you enter from the front.  The cathedral is named the "Cathedral of Santa Maria of Girona."

The cathedral is located just inside the old city walls.  This portal leads to the plaza below the cathedral.  

A short walk away is the Church of St. Felix.  The spire is very unique with it's sawed off top.

Here is a view of both the cathedral and church just beyond the river.

Here is another view of the buildings along the river.  It sort of reminds me of the barranco in Cuenca along the Tomebomba river.

We enjoyed our last good meal in Girona.  After several weeks of good wine, bread and cheese we had mixed feelings about leaving.

Here is a sample "set lunch menu".  This was our main meal of the day....actually it served as the only meal of the day since we just nibbled in the evenings.

Packed up, ready to head to the train station.

Girona is only 60 miles from Barcelona.  We took a short train ride into the heart of Barcelona.  From there we took a taxi to the airport.  Chuck had found a hotel inside the airport...(it reminded me of Snowden in Russia).  The room inside the airport came in real handy because we had a 6:00am flight out of Barcelona.

After we had all our bags packed and were in the Barcelona airport hotel, the excitement of returning home to Cuenca really kicked in.

Because we were following the sun, we were able to fly from Barcelona to Amsterdam, to Quito and into Cuenca all in one long day.

It is so good to be back home.


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