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Thursday, October 24, 2013

More about Georgia Family!

Dear Family and Friends,

Before Norman and I arrived in Columbus, my sister put the word out.  We all (the Powers clan and a few of the Day clan) met up at Ezells Fish Camp.  We had a great time stuffing ourselves with catfish and hushpuppies.  The only problem for me is that I just didn't have enough time with everyone.  I guess we had 25 or so folks together.

I was so busy eating and yapping that I did not bring out my camera.  I am so sorry for that because I would love to have a picture of all the Powers clan that was there.  When we return in April maybe we can do it again and this time bring out the camera to document.

On Sunday, Aunt Opal's cousin Sandy, had us to her farm for lunch.  Sandy and Otis live about 30 miles north of Columbus.  They raise horses and granddaughters.  We enjoyed seeing her new (to us) house and visiting with her family.

Here is a picture of Aunt Opal, me, Sandy, Bo and Betsy.  Sandy and Bo are Aunt Opals children and Betsy is Bo's wife.

This is a very special picture for me.  Sandy, Linda and I grew up together, three little cousins that loved spending nights over and playing paper dolls.  Sandy and I took tap dancing classes together as very young children.  You all know who we are surrounding.....sweet Aunt Opal.

Bo and Betsy invited us to come see their studios on Monday.

I will share about that in the next post.


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