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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moto Museum

Dear Family and Friends,

While we were touring around in Entrevaux....the medieval village, the sign below stopped Chuck in his tracks.  We had scooters when we lived in the U.S., and Chuck has a scooter here in Ecuador. Chuck is still taken by them.  If you love motos this is the post for you, if not, sorry.

 Here is Chuck reading the poster outside.

We went inside and were told that the admission price was whatever we wanted to donate.  Chuck made a donation and we  enjoyed the biggest collection of antique motorcycles and scooters we have ever seen.  We were told that they were all were drivable.

This first picture is of a Harley Davidson from 1917.  Built in the U.S. (1903 - today)

The bike below is a early moped.  A Whizzer from 1947 (made in the U.S. from 1939 - 2009)

This is the first floor of the exhibit.  Upstairs they had just as many.  Motos below and scooters above.

A Nimbus - 1955.  The Nimbus was produced in Denmark (1919 - 1960).

This 1952 Royal Enfield was produced in Britain (1911-1954), produced in India (1956 - today)

1950 Scoto Scooter-bike (looks like more bike than scooter.)  Manufactured in Levallois, France (1950-52)

This 1951 Terrot scooter made in France.  They were produced from 1951 until 1961.


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