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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roman Experience in France

Dear Family and Friends,

Nimes, France became a Roman colony before 28 B.C.  Nimes became the center for retired Roman legions who had served under Julius Ceasar, - as they were given plots of land around Nimes, where they built their villas. Nimes was situated  a Roman road created in 118 B.C. which connected Italy to Spain.

Today Nimes has one of the best preserved Roman arenas. I have seen the Colosseum in Rome and this arena is much more intact.  Considering it's age it is incredible to behold.

It was built in 100 A.D. to hold 24,000 spectators.  It is still used today for bull fights, sporting and cultural events.

This the arena as you see it from the city plaza.  I was very impressed with it's size.

This is the inside of the arena.  It still has the dirt floor.

We rented audio guides and had an educational experience touring it.

The following day, we went to Orange, France.  Orange is the home of a Roman amphitheater.  It too is very well preserved.  It even has the backdrop to this day.

This theater is used even now for opera and other events.  Can you imagine seeing Aida done at this venue?

The day before in Nimes we learned all about the gladiators.  It made us appreciate the Roman legion republic reenactment that was taking place in Orange that day.

 Roman soldiers lined up for our review.  Their colorful outfits made for a fun day of picture taking.

Chuck is checking out the spears.

We even saw the man himself, Julius Ceasar.

It was a fun day.  We even stopped for a bowl of mussels before heading back to Avignon.



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