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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trip to Georgia - Little Grand Canyon

Dear Family and Friends,

We no sooner returned from our trip to Europe when I booked a flight to Georgia.  Chuck stayed home (well sort of)   He stayed in Ecuador.  While I was in Georgia he went to the Amazon jungle.

My trip to Georgia was short but very nice.  My brother, Norman, drove from Texas to join my sister, Mary Anne and me for a family reunion.

We all piled in at Mary Anne's house.

The first day we were there we kidnapped Aunt Opal and drove to Providence Canyon, known locally as the Little Grand Canyon.  It is less than an hour drive from Columbus.

In this first picture you will note...Norman has a walking stick, Mary Anne has a cane, but Aunt Opal..nada.  She left us in the dust as we tried to keep up.

It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect for this trip.

Believe it or not this canyon is less than 200 years old!!

What caused this dramatic change from rolling hills to this beautiful landscape?  It all started in the early 1800's when farmers settled this area, cleared all the trees and plowed up and down hills instead of across. They unintentionally encouraged erosion gullies to form.

Since this part of Georgia is subject to thunder storms and torrential rains it was a given that once the top red clay was gone, the sand underneath was easily washed away.

Norman and Mary Anne.

Aunt Opal.

We had a great time.  Aunt Opal shared stories with us about when she and Uncle Bill came down over 60 years ago and climbed up the sides.

For those of you who have asked lately, Aunt Opal is doing great!!!

More about my trip back to Georgia later.


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