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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Day in the Cemetery

Dear Family and Friends,

This past Saturday we went on a tour of the cemetery in Cuenca.  November 2nd is celebrated here as a day to spend with your deceased relatives.  Some call it the Day of the Dead.  Families come together at the cemetery and clean up the burial sites and spend time with their loved ones who have died.  Some bring food and drink and picnic there.

I had only seen the cemetery from the outside.  It is surrounded by a tall wall so I did not really know how pretty it is inside.

This is part of the original cemetery and it is quite old.

Beautiful statues...


This is the family area of the mayor of Cuenca at the time the cemetery was created.

Not all of the graves are in the original part of the cemetery are grand.  There was an area that was used to bury people who did not qualify for the Christian area.  This is where people of other faiths were buried...Buddhists, Jews, and prostitutes, murderers, etc.  

The newer part of the cemetery is also lovely.

This is our tour group following and listening to our great guide.

This is the very first hearse that was used in Cuenca.

The cemetery was bustling with people.  It was wonderful to see families coming together remembering their loved ones and enjoying this beautiful day.

Chuck and I hope to go back soon and take more time exploring this very interesting part of Cuenca.



  1. Thanks for taking us through this interesting aspect of the area/culture.


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