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Monday, November 11, 2013

McDonald's Opens in Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

In the years since we have lived in Cuenca we have seen many changes.  The most recent change is the opening of a McDonald's.  There has been a lot of controversy amongst the expat community about whether this is a good thing or not.  Chuck and I did not eat at McDonald's in the U.S. and do not intend to do so now.

Today (Sunday) we were without our dear friends Rich and Nancy.  We chose to walk but in a different part of town.  We saw that McDonald's was open as we drove by and decided to check it out before we started our walk.

Our new McDonald's is very nice.  One of the nicest McDonald's we have ever seen.

There is very nice outside seating.

The one thing that really caught our eye was their coffee bar.  We will try their coffee when it is not so crowded.  Good coffee is hard to find in Cuenca.

People were lined up eager to try the menu offerings.

And two out of three happy customers is not too bad I suppose.

There is the play area just like in the U.S.

The potted trees are lovely and add a nice ambiance to the building.

In the process of building they cut down two trees to make way for the drive though.  This was done illegally, without permission from the city.  McDonald's will now have to plant 1,000+ trees in restitution for not obtaining permission before demolishing the city's trees.  I wonder if these potted trees will count as part of the restitution?

The drive through appeared ready to go, but is not open yet.

Since acres of asphalt for parking is unusual for Cuenca we were surprised to see that they have a parking garage.

So there you have it.  Cuenca is now home to Ronald and Co.

We will return after the crowds subside to try the coffee and probably use the outdoor area to enjoy it.


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