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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Be Careful with those Fireworks

Dear Family and Friends,

I was in the park the other day and saw this fantastic balloon dog.

Walking on, I ran into him again, but in costume.

His helpers were passing out pamphlets to everyone.

These are safety pamphlets reminding everyone to be very careful with fireworks and burning the dummies.

Translations below:

Remember fireworks can be more costly than you think!

1.  Do not tamper with or remove the contents of explosives.  Do not pick up fireworks that failed to detonate.

2. Never light fireworks while holding them in your hand or inside cans, bottles and more.

3.  If the fireworks do not explode they should never be touched.  If the fireworks does not work, you need to douse it with plenty of water and stay away.

4.  Although explosives are off,  do not store them at home, or on clothing close to your body.

5.  Do not combine explosives with other explosives and liquids such as gasoline to generate more reaction.  In case of burns, cover with a towel, and go to the nearest hospital or clinic.

6.  If you burn dummies, do it in the open, away from trees, poles and vehicles. Make sure children stay away from the flames. Make sure the fire is completely extinguished. Avoid close contact with pyrotechnic explosives, as they give off toxic gases that can cause permanent damage.



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