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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Shopping in Cuenca

Dear Family and Friends,

On the side of the cathedral is a line of stalls selling items to enhance your Christmas.  I go to these stalls each year to buy Christmas cards for the staff of our condo building.

Seeing stalls in this very spot is not unusual.  There are stalls here for almost every holiday.  On Palm Sunday there are ladies selling palms woven into artistic shapes.  During Valentine season there are stalls selling cards and trinkets. During Corpus Christi there are stalls here selling candies.  During Cuenca Independence there are stalls here selling arts and crafts.

Here are this years Christmas stalls.

The stalls have been up and operating for about a week.  I took this picture at about 10am and the young lady below looks like she is ready to call it a day.

They mainly sell Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, stuffed animals and trinkets.

Below is Christmas wrapping paper.  It does not come in a roll.  Each sheet is sold separately.  I did not price them but wrapping gifts here can get costly.

The gift bags seem to be very popular.  I like them because you can re-gift them.

If you can't find the perfect stocking stuffer at one of the stalls, maybe you might consider buying a lottery ticket from this lady standing close by.

Only three dollars per ticket for a chance to win three million dollars.  I wonder if any of those Coopera depositors are thinking what I am thinking.

We are looking forward to the annual Christmas Eve children parade on Tuesday.

As usual, I will have my camera ready.


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