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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Botero Museum in Bogota, Colombia

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday Chuck and I went to the Botero Museum.  Fernando Botero was born in Colombia.  He is probably the most famous Latin American artist. I love his whimsical style paintings.  He paints people and figures large, round and almost cartoon like.  We have a copy of one of his paintings in our apartment in El Molle.

This is the well guarded entrance.  Admission was free.

Photography was permitted as long as no flash was used.

Here are some of his paintings...

This is a "Mona Lisa" style painting.

Bouquet of flowers...

A horse...

A nude...

The dancing couple is similar to the copy we have.

Although the building is plain on the outside, the inside courtyard was beautiful.

We spent the morning there and in the afternoon we went outdoor shopping.

This is a bamboo covered mobile espresso bar.  As you can imagine coffee is very popular here.

Fun shoes....

and purses to match.  This is a sample of artisan work done in Colombia.

Trying to keep up with Chuck is difficult.  He stays on the go.

He did stop when he saw this angel.  He whispered to me that he was ready to go to heaven.

We had fun shopping for hats...but decided that although they were nice, they were too much like what we could buy in Cuenca.

We ended the day in a Mexican restaurant.

and shared these delicious pork chops.

We are looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. Great pix, what a nice city! My bucket list just got longer.

    1. Peter, As with any city, Bogota has its good places and bad places. We are sticking to the good and safe places.

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Always love your adventures and your photos. Keep 'em coming! Abrazitos desde Ecuador!

    1. Thank you Kay...we love them too.

      Life is good!!


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