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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Coopera Update

Dear Family and Friends,

A few weeks ago I posted about a hunger strike of investors of the closed credit union, Coopera.  I told you that I would keep you posted on the outcome.  So far, an outcome has not been settled, but this does not keep the protesters from speaking their piece.......or maybe not.

We were in the Parque Calderon this past Friday with friends, Rich and Nancy.  We saw the following small demonstration parade.

The sign says:  SILENCE........WE ARE IN DEMOCRACY

The protestors had their mouths taped.

We knew it had to do with Coopera, but didn't understand the significance of the taped mouths until we read this article today in the Gringo Tree which was a short summary of the full article in Cuenca Highlife.

Arrested Coopera member charged with attempted "rebellion." A member of Coopera, the failed Cuenca financial cooperative, was arrested Tuesday when he attempted to get the attention of President Rafael Correa. Hernán Romulo was charged with "rebellion" and insulting Minister of Social Inclusion Doris Solís. Romula's attorney, Gustavo Quito, says his client was simply trying to arrange a meeting with the president to discuss the status of the Coopera liquidation and find out when he will get his money back.

I love this country.


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