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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gold Museum - Bogota, Colombia

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I went to the Gold Museum today.  What a great adventure we had!

Here is the outside of the museum.

We have never seen that much gold at once.

These are some of the beautiful pieces we saw inside.  The most incredible thing is that these pieces were all made before the Spanish arrived around 1500....many were made around 500.

Take a look.

Because we are "old" we got free admission.  We spent hours inside enjoying ourselves.

We highly recommend this museum if you go to Bogota.



  1. We visited the museum back in the late 70s. Hubby broke out into a cold sweat! Did you enter the vault with the lights off, and then, voila, the grand view when the lights are turned on?

  2. Dianne, We went in the vault, but it wasn't dark. They must have changed how they do things since you were there. Maybe they don't trust people in the dark with all that gold around. LOL


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