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Monday, January 27, 2014

Living on the Beach

Dear Family and Friends,

In a way I hate to post these pictures from Catagena, Colombia because all of you family and friends in the U.S., Canada, Russia and Europe are in the middle of winter.  But, my friends, you keep asking for pictures so here they are:

This is the view down the beach from the apartment we rented.

Notice how the beach is blocked off by rocks.  I think this must have to do with protecting the beach from erosion.

Views directly down below us.  This lady is selling baskets...luckily they are light weight.

I little bird (Sandpiper maybe) using the surf to help him have dinner.

Some of the shade providing beach tents.

These pictures were taken at the far end of the peninsula.  Most all of the high rise buildings are not hotels but apartments.  Most are owned by wealthy Colombians and foreigners who come here for a get away.

The peninsula forms a calm bay at the tip.

I'm really not a big beach person in my old age.  I loved it as a teen, but now the heat and bright sun really get to me.  A little goes a long way.

I do enjoy the fresh seafood however and that alone is worth being at the beach.  Last night's dinner was shrimp in passion fruit sauce.  Also coconut rice and stir fried vegetables with some wonderful torrontes white wine from Argentina.

On my next post I will review the apartment choice we made for Cartagena.

We leave on Tuesday to fly to Medellin, Colombia



  1. Wow, the pictures simply tell how beautiful the place is:)

    1. Sunshine...It is very nice here. If the Caribbean and hot muggy temperatures did not go hand in hand it would be much nicer for me.


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