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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Botanical Gardens of Medellin

Dear Family and Friends,

The other day Chuck and I took the metro train to the botanical gardens here in Medellin.  We were wanting a relaxing day and we were not disappointed.

The gardens have no admission fee.  This makes it a wonderful place for people to come with their families.

Here is a young guy in a clown costume making balloon animals for the kids.  He was a big hit.

The gardens cover a lot of territory and we saw families enjoying picnic lunches all over the place.  It has a very tranquil feel and is a great place to go to get out of the bustle of the city.

We found they have a butterfly house.  Uh oh, that did it for me.  We went to see the butterflies and I went camera crazy.   I love butterflies.

Isn't it amazing that they can stand upside down?  I wonder what Sir Newton would tell us about this guy?

Nature is so amazing.  These guys had a wing span as big as my hand.  Look at the camourflage...looks like each one has a large eye on their wings.

This butterfly was my favorite.  The sun light made his beautiful blue wings glow.

The flora was nice.  A very peaceful place.

Not a lot of blossoms but a few.

There was a beautiful lake filled with water lily plants.  Reminded me of Monet.

Wonderful shady places to sit and enjoy your family, fiends and the beauty.

Glad we went.  I needed that trip.  We really enjoyed it.



  1. Enjoyed your butterfly photos! :-)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. That was a fun day and butterflies are so much fun to photograph.


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