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Friday, March 21, 2014

FOTO FRIDAY - 3/21/14

Dear Family and Friends,

Todays photo was taken in Normandy, France.

Chuck is standing in the U.S. memorial cemetery and reading the headstones.

On this same trip, we also went to the German memorial cemetery.

Such a somber experience.

War is hell.

The longer humanity is on this earth....the worse it seems to be.

Sending thoughts of peace and love to you.



  1. Both my parents were seriously traumatized during WW2. My father hiding from the Nazis in Holland, and my mother in a Japanese prison camp in Indonesia. War is indeed hell. Hopefully my siblings and I will be spared such torment. This why it is important to remember those days, especially since there are people who believe this holocaust never happend.

    1. Peter, Thank you for your comment. Your parents had terrible experiences. My dad was in Italy during WWII.

  2. My father was a POW in WWII and although he never talked to me or my mother about it, I know he suffered greatly.


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