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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Mall is Coming Along

Dear Family and Friends,

On Monday Chuck and I went for a drive to see the progress of the new mall that is being built.  It is starting to look like a mall.  There is still a lot of work to be done before it is complete.  We are having fun trying to guess what stores and restaurants will be in there.

This mall is located west of downtown Cuenca.  It will be at 9,000 ft elevation.  The views from up there are fabulous.

We took another road back to town.  We were treated to a lot of horse back riders....enjoying the countryside and the holiday.

We could look down and see the small community of Sinincay.  The church in the center of town had beautiful blue domes.

Chuck drove into the town and we got out and walked around.  It is very lovely.  We saw bus stops and my friend Bea says you can get there on Bus 27.

Here is the church that looks so beautiful from above.

It is located across the street from a lovely park.

We had a lovely morning ride and it was a nice way to spend one of the holidays.  We also walked in downtown Cuenca and it was deserted.  Not many cars to dodge when crossing the usually busy streets.

Today is Ash Wednesday and Cuenca should be back to business as usual.


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