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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1964 - It was a very good year.

Dear Family and Friends,

Chuck and I flew to Atlanta on Tuesday and rented a car.  We drove to Columbus for the big event... the 50th reunion of my high school graduating class.

On Wednesday we started the pre-reunion partying.  Thursday...some of the same.

Here are friends Danette and W.A. pre-partying.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see and visit with them.  Fifty years melted away instantly.

Before the real reunion, I met up with my friend, Billy Ginn.  I asked him to show me where he spent most of his younger years in Columbus and he took me to the Columbus Stockade.

Friday, the real reunion started.  We met downtown and went around looking at name tags to identify each other.  It was funny because as soon as I read a name tag and took a second look at a classmates face, I instantly saw their old self.

Here is my long time friend, Carla and her husband, Paul.

Here is Billy Ginn with John and Jack White.

Chuck and I stayed until the band started playing and we couldn't hear ourselves think.

Saturday morning we met at the school.  We had our class picture made and were treated to a band concert by the Bob Barr community band.  Bob Barr was our beloved band director.  We had the best band in the land (literally).  Upon the death of Mr. Barr, a community band was formed in his honor.

After the concert we had barbecue in the school cafeteria.

Here are some of our teachers that came to the concert.  They looked better than some of us students.

Here are the ROTC guys posing.

Saturday night was the big event.  Chuck and I got gussied up and went to the Green Island Country Club for the dinner and dance.

Here we are just as we were leaving my sister's house.

We had a wonderful turn out.  The committee that put this together did a superb job.

Here is my friend, Sheryll Clark.  We went all the way from kindegarten to graduation together.  I was so happy to see her again.

My friend, Danette and I, also went all the way though school together.

And here is Chuck and me.  Having a grand ol' time.

Even though the reunion was officially over on Saturday night.  We dragged ourselves out of bed on Sunday morning to go to a fun picnic at Flat Rock park.

Wonderful, fun filled weekend.

We are flying to Seattle today to visit family and friends in Washington state.

Looking forward to the next leg of our trip.


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