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Friday, April 4, 2014

FOTO FRIDAY - 4/04/14

Dear Family and Friends,

Today's photos are from signs posted inside toilet stalls.

I took this picture in the new Quito airport.  It really got my attention because it was so unusual.  Here in the downtown area of Cuenca it is quite common to see signs asking patrons to throw their toilet paper in the garbage.  This sign however, was the first time I saw a sign asking patrons to flush their toilet paper down the toilet.

One thing about traveling to different countries is learning and accepting the culture of the country.

I saw the next sign several years ago when we were in Malaysa.  It was posted inside the stall door.

What I find interesting is that the sign was written in English only.  For some strange reason, I would think that the person needing to learn how to use a western style toilet would speak another language.

Have a great Friday folks.


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